Dalserf Ministers from 1560-date

Dalserf Ministers
Andrew Hamilton M.A 1560-1599  “Reader” until 1593
James Hamilton  1600-1609 son of the Laird of Dalserf. Became Dean of Glasgow
Claud Hamilton 1609-1635
John Hamilton 1635-1639 Deposed for the sin of simony
John Weir M.A. 1642-1646 Died in captivity in Mingavie Castle
Francis Aird M.A. 1646-1659 Noted for piety, wept much in prayer and preaching
Ninian  Paterson M.A 1664-1671  Conformed to Episcopal standards
Thomas Kirkaldy  1672-? Covenanter ejected from previous charge then re-instated
Alexander Hamilton ?
Joseph Cleland M.A.  ?-1688 Episcopal curate harassed the poor folk of the parish
James Hogg M.A. 1691-1697  Leader of the “Marrow” brethren
David Brodie M.A. 1698-1729 Previously chaplain to Ann, Duchess of  Hamilton
William Steel M.A. 1730-1760 Laird of Waygateshaw. Persuaded Duke of Hamilton to build new Manse
John Risk 1761-1805 Quick wit and keen sense of humour
James Craig  1805-1816 Won case against heritors over felling of trees in glebe
Dr. John Russell M.A 1816-1850 Graduated MA at 16. Author of Stastical Report of Dalserf Parish
Dr. William Peebles Rorison 1851-1907 Longest ministry, much loved pastor
Dr. Alexander Barclay M.A 1907-1937 Scholar and powerful orator
Louis H Watson M.A 1937-1945
Kenneth J McPherson M.A 1945-1952
John Evans M.A.  1953-1959
John L Cotter M.A. 1959-1973
Keith M McRobb TD M.A. 1974-1981
D Cameron McPherson BSc. B.D.  1982-
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