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Dalserf Head of Families 1755

Dalserf Head of Families in the year 1755

Dalserf House,                     Archibald Hamilton
Dalserf Manse,                    Rev. William Steel
Excise Officer,                    Thomas Brown at Hillies
Laird of Broomhill,                Mr Birnie
Laird of Raploch,                  Mr Mcneil
Church Officer,                    James Fram in Dalserf.
Aitken George                       Dalserf Boathouse
Aitken Thomas                    Dalserf Boathouse
Anderson Thomas               Hillies
Anderson Thomas               Hillies and Larkhall
Barr John                           Larkhall
Baxter James                   Larkhall
Bell Alexander                    Broomfield
Bell John                            Cornsilloch
Bell James                       Hillies
Brown John                        Cornsilloch
Brown John                       Broomhill
Brown John                        Woodside and Dalserf
Brown John                        Weaver in Dalserf
Brown Robert                      Dalserf        
Brownlie Robert                  Dalserf Schoolhouse 
Bruce James snr                Hillies
Bruce James                     Millheugh
Bruce Robert                      Skellyton
Burns John                         Milnheugh
Burns Nathaniel                  Milnheugh
Cooper James                    Dalserf
Cooper James                    Dalpatrick
Cooper John                        Dalserf        
Cooper William                   Milburn
Craw Archibald                    Dalserf        
Craw James                         Dalserf        
Currie James                        Dalserf        
Currie James                       Larkhall
Currie John                         Larkhall
Currie Willaim                      Dalserf        
Davidson Francis                Larkhall
Davidson William                 Milnheugh
Dewars Robert                    Hillies
Downs John                       Muirhouse
Downs William                   Hillies
Dunn William                      Dalserf        
Fairlie John                        Hillies
Fairservice James                 Dalserf        
Forrest James                    Canderside
Forrest  William                 Hill
Fram(E) James                    Cornsilloch
Fram (E) James                 Dalserf        
Fram(E) John                   Bogside
Fram(E) john                      Burnhead
Fram(E) John                       Cornsilloch
Fram(E) Robert                    Sheephouseneuk and struither
Gower or Gowderhill John    Overton
Graham John alias Mcgrigor  Hillies
Hamilton Andrew                Dovesdale
Hamilton Andrew                 Milnheugh
Hamilton Andrew                Skellyton
Hamilton Archibald              Broomfield
Hamilton Archibald              Dalpatrick
Hamilton James                   Bogside and Milnheugh
Hamilton James                  Cornsilloch
Hamilton James                    Dalserf        
Hamilton James                   Smith in Shothead
Hamilton James                  Overton
Hamilton James                 Skellyton
Hamilton John                   Craigbank
Hamilton John                   Dalserf        
Hamilton John                      Dalserf        
Hamilton John                  Hallstonemire
Hamilton John                    Knowehead
Hamilton John                     Shawhouse
Hamilton John                    Shothead
Hamlton Patrick                   Dalserf        
Harvie James                      Hills
Harvie John                         Hills
Harvie Robert               Cordiner in Dalserf
Harvie William                   Taylor in Dalserf
Hastie James                     Hilles and Dalserf
Hastie Robert                      Canderside
Hogg Robert                       Sheephouseneuk    
Leiper James                      Larkhall
Lochore James                    Birkenshaw
Lochart Daniel                      Dalserf        
Lochart John                    Dalserf        
Loudon George                    Houlethole and dalpatrick
Louden John                     Torland
Mcalpineor calpie John        Dalserf        
Mcfarland Andrew           Bent(s)
Mcknight William              Weaver in Larkhall
Morton James                  Greenhill
Mutter John                        Cander Mains
Muir John                           Dalserf        
Muir John                           Larkhall
Nisbet James                      Dalserf        
Nisbet James                    Hilles and Larkhall
Pettigrew William             Milnheugh
Pinkerton David                  Dalserf        
Pinkerton James                  Dalserf        
Pumphray William            Milnheugh
Purdie James                     Dalpatrick
Ross Gavin                     Larkhall
Ross James                   Larkhall
Russell James               Raploch
Scott David                     Craigbank
Scott David                      Dalserf        
Scott David                        Over Dalserf
Scott John                          Milburn
Scott Robert                  Dalserf
Scott Robert                  Swinehill
Scouler Andrew               Overton
Selkirk James                    Sheephouseneuk
Selkirk John                   Dalserf        
Selkirk John                    Shawhouse
Selkirk Thomas             Shawhouse
Selkirk William               Shawhouse
Semple James                   Old Machan
Semple John                 Old Machan
Shearer James            Marladge
Shearer James              Overwood
Shearer Thomas              Over Dalserf
Shearer William            Dalserf        
Shearer William             Auldton
Si(U)mmers John              Cornsilloch
Smellie John                    Larkhall
Somerville John              Houlethole   
Stevenson James              Larkhall
Stewart James                 Maltman in Dalserf
Stewart Robert                  Dalbeg
Stobbo John                      Milnheugh
Struthers John               Dalserf        
Thomson Alexander             Wright in Dalserf
Thmson George                  Dalserf        
Thomson James           Whitehill
Thomson John                  Hillies
Waddell James                 Dalserf        
Waddell James                Hallstonemire
Walker John                    Larkhall
Watt James                canderside
Wilson James                Milnheugh
Witherspoon Patrick             Dalserf